Welcome to the SMB Blueprint

The SMB Blueprint solution accelerator is a fast go to market solution to onboard Azure and Office 365.

The Microsoft Cloud platform consists of a vast set of technologies that allow businesses to get productive very rapidly.
While the provisioning of IT resources has become a fast process, their design is still the resposibility of the business owners.
For small businesses that just want to get to work without spending budget and effort into their IT platform,
this turnkey solution has been build. This solution allows either the business owner or their hosting partners
to quickly rollout an IT environment that adheres to Microsoft's best-practices and standards.


The solution consists of 2 building blocks. A PowerShell module and a set of Azure resource manager templates. The PowerShell module allows the execution of;

  1. The Infrastructure in Azure consisting of 1 or more Virtual Machines and management resources
  2. The Office 365 deployment, consisting of users, groups, etc

solution index

Information on how to use the fast track solution can be found in the installation guide.

For technical information, browse to 'Technical overview', which contains, per deployment option, the technical details

Target Audience

The targetted Audience are the CSP (Cloud Service Provider) partners. They can benefit from this solution accelerator to onboard new client using a fast track.

Additional info

The solution can be used 'as is' to onboard client into Office 365 and\or Azure. If the need exists the provided scripts and templates can be leveraged as a starting point or can be directly integrated into existing portals and offerings.

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