Azure deployment

Now that you have the solution available on your computer, you can launch an azure deployment using an Graphical user interface or using bare powershell commandlets.
Both are discussed below;

For an overview of the resources deployed and their dependencies you can consult the technical documentation

Graphical User interface

The graphical user interface is contained in the PowerShell module you install in the previous steps. to launch the SMBblueprint GUI;

Import-Module -Name SMBBlueprint

SMBblueprint GUI login

SMBblueprint Azure overview

SMBBlueprint log overview


As this is a PowerShell module you can offcourse kick off a deployment using pure PowerShell. To start a deployment follow the steps below;

Import-Module -Name SMBBlueprint
$properties = @{
    CustomerName = 'Contoso'
    CustomerSize = 'small'
    TenantDomain = ''
    SysAdminPassword = $securePassword
    Credential = $myCredential
    SubscriptionId = '3812cde5-cb5e-42de-a673-20228eed897f'
    AdditionalVMSize = 'medium'
    AdditionalSQLInstanceSize = 'small'
    VPN = 'basic'
    OS = '2016'
    Location = 'northeurope'
    LogAnalyticsLocation= 'westeurope'
    AutomationLocation = 'eastus'
    StorageType = 'Premium_LRS'
Start-SMBBlueprintDeployment @properties